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Solar Battery installers

How we can help future-proof your home and life

Save with Solar are a team of specialist solar panel installers, whose aim is to help homeowners save money by embracing tomorrow's solar technologies.

We offer our clients a complete solar package via solar panels, batteries and EV chargers, depending on their specific requirements, location and energy expenditure. Here you can find out more about our offerings and the benefits they provide.




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Solar Panels – Renewable Energy for Endless Savings

The cornerstone of our offerings, our solar panels allow you to contribute to a greener future, improve your property's energy independence and bolster its resale value – All while saving you money on your energy bills. Each solar panel installation we carry out is done promptly and to the highest professional standard, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy as soon as possible.

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Our solar panels are:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Built to last, backed by a 30-year performance warranty
  • Highly efficient, even in low-light conditions or winter
  • Tailorable to your specific energy needs



Solar Batteries – An Easy Backup Solution

Our batteries ensure that you enjoy every watt's worth of energy your solar panels generate, while also making your property extra-resilient against power outages and storms. They capture and store the surplus energy generated during the day and store it for later use, particularly at night or when there is limited daylight courtesy of the weather. All in all, they allow you to maximise your energy savings while reducing reliance on the grid.

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Our solar batteries are:?

  • Highly efficient
  • Fast charging during peak energy production hours and fast discharging when you need power
  • Reliable, with built-in safety features to prevent overcharging or overheating
  • Long-lasting, reducing the need for replacements



EV Chargers – Sustainability for the Vehicles of Tomorrow

With the number of electrical vehicles on the road increasing by the year, competition for public charging stations can be stiff (Especially in more remote locations).

Our EV chargers offer a combination of convenience and savings by allowing you to charge your electrical vehicle at home using your own power from the solar panels on your roof. 

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Our EV Chargers are:

  • Fast and efficient, charging up your electric vehicle to 100% within 6 to 8 hours
  • Versatile, with options available for a range of different makes and models of electric vehicle
  • Designed for optimised energy usage, minimising energy loss during charging and maximising energy consumption when in use
  • Compact and discreet in design



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