What are the benefits of solar panels?

What you get out of going green

The cost-of-living crisis is hitting all of us.

This where solar energy comes in. Daylight is free, plentiful, and is going to be there forever. If you're aiming to keep using electricity for the rest of your life, solar panels allow you to tap into the ultimate renewable energy source, save money on your energy bills and do your bit to help create a greener future.

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So, what are the benefits of solar panels?


They save you money

The ability to generate your own electricity from daylight reduces your property's reliance on utility companies and the national grid. Over time, this translates to significant saving on your energy bills, our clients enjoying savings of up to £2,400 per year on their bills.

They allow for
energy independence

Generating your own electricity at home means you and your family are less dependent on the national grid. This grants greater resilience against not only rising energy costs, but power outages.

They increase your
property value 

If you're reading this then you're still ahead of the curve on solar energy. As government incentives for solar energy continues to improve, adding a solar panel, batteries and/or EV charger to your home makes for an affordable yet reliable way of increasing your home's resale value.



They're easy to maintain

Solar panels have no moving parts and are angled at such a way that debris and snow slide right off. All you need to clean your solar panel is a simple garden hose and maybe a ladder.

They're very durable

Solar panels are designed to weather the elements and keep providing your property with renewable energy for decades. Save with Solar's warranties last for 30 years, ensuring your home has a reliable and long-lasting energy solution.







Will I have energy around the clock?

Of course, during the day your solar panels will generate electricity from the daylight, meaning that your net consumption will be lower. 

Meanwhile, during the nighttime, you will be consuming the electricity generated throughout the day, within minimal contribution from external energy. 


Use solar panel power plus leftover battery power. 


Lower Consumption. 
Most power generated.


Use battery power charged during the day. 


Battery tops up from the grid at a low cost. 


Frequently asked questions we hear as solar panel installers


Can I sell my energy back to the grid?

Yes – Many utility companies allow you to sell solar power back to the grid through a system called net metering, meaning you are only charged for the difference between the power you use from the grid and the power you sell back. To find out more, please contact your energy provider.

What happens if my panels generate more electricity then I use?

This can be fed right back to the grid via net metering, earning you extra money with your panels, or stored in solar batteries.

Can I install solar panels myself?

In theory, this is possible. In practice, DIY installations require safety training and specialist electrical expertise, otherwise they will void your warranty. You should go with a specialist solar panel installer like Save with Solar instead.

Will I need to maintain my power solar panels?

Nope – You may need to clean them once in a while with a garden hose, but aside from this solar panels maintain themselves.

Will my solar panels still generate electricity if the sun isn’t out?

Yes – As long as it’s daytime, your solar panels will be producing energy. Contrary to popular belief they don’t need direct sunlight or spotless skies to generate electricity, although generation will be higher on clear sunny days. The only time your solar panels won’t be generating electricity is at night.

Do solar panels work during winter?

Yes – Solar panels work on daylight, not heat. There may be less of it in the winter months when compared to spring or summer due to the weather and shorter days, but they will still be generating electricity.

Do your solar panels have warranties?

Yes – Our solar panels in Leeds and the wider UK come with a 30-year warranty as standard! Energy prices are rising year-on-year, yet you’re probably not willing to stop using electricity altogether.



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